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From the Roughest Seas to the Highest Peaks

We are with You Every Step of the Way!

Our mission is to empower our clients in making educated financial decisions that impact them and those they care about most.

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Make the Plan.  Work the Plan.  Review the Plan.


Because no two clients or scenarios are the same, we take the necessary time to get to know you and what's important to you as we start the process.  Gathering detailed information and building trust are essential.  It's here where "becoming one of the family" all starts.


As an independent financial advising firm, we have the flexibility to utilize many different investment vehicles with the aid of advanced software programs.  These tools assist in assessing and implementing customized plans to achieve your goals. 

Review & Maintenance

Our goal in creating a partnership with our clients is to provide guidance and support along the way.  We do so through regular strategy sessions, check-ins and ongoing education so that we can pivot as challenges and opportunities come your way.

Pairing professional service with down-to-earth conversations.

At WhiteCap Financial Advisors we want our clients to feel confident they have the full support and guidance they need through all of life's peaks and valleys.  We view our client relationships as a partnership with open and honest two-way communication.  Regardless of what stage of life you're in, our goal is to assist you in creating a clear financial strategy which provides investment confidence as you navigate your own personal journey.  We do this by taking the necessary time and effort to really know our clients, understand their full financial picture, provide clear and concise recommendations, and then monitor their progress on a consistent basis.  No question is too trivial; no two situations exactly alike.  We invite you to take the first step by sending us a quick email or calling our office.  We look forward to speaking with you!  

Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service and support along the way!

Brandon L. Graber Photo Brandon L. Graber Hover Photo

Brandon L. Graber

Financial Advisor

Brandon was born and raised in the small town of Turtle Lake, WI.  This is where he has great memories of playing sports and not so great memories of throwing hay bales around for local farmers.  Turtle Lake is still a frequent destination due to many friends and family that reside there.  After high school, the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire was where 4 years of his life were spent getting his Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.  After college life was behind him, he spent 2 years working for Menards’ General Office in Eau Claire, WI before making the move to Hudson to start a career with Andersen Windows.  In late 2013, after 6 years with Andersen’s in various roles and locations, Brandon entered the financial advising world.  The investment and life insurance path has provided plenty of opportunities and challenges to keep Brandon fully engaged.  He enjoys working with and helping clients with their unique financial situations and goals.   

Brandon currently resides just outside Roberts, WI with his wife, daughter, son, and lab.  He is an active member of the Roberts-Warren volunteer Fire Department.  If there is any spare time remaining sports, hunting, and house projects keep him occupied.   

Alec M. Fischer Photo

Alec M. Fischer

Financial Advisor

Alec was brought up in the St. Croix County area where he graduated from St. Croix Central High School. He is the oldest of four children and was the first to graduate with honors from the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse with a B.S. in Finance. Upon graduating, he started his advisory career with Equitable Advisors where he became a fully licensed advisor, before joining the WhiteCap team in October 2023. 

Being close to home, Alec is looking forward to giving back to the same community he grew up in. He puts the needs of others before himself and strives to find ways to enrich the lives of those around him. At WhiteCap Financial, Alec is eager to become a trusted resource in financial planning by educating and guiding clients to reach their financial goals. He strongly believes that it is never too late or too early to take that first step to make a financial plan for life’s great journey.

When Alec isn’t assisting clients, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends taking in sporting events, working out at the gym, and in the summer being on the lake wake surfing. 

Nicole Munro Photo

Nicole Munro

Office Manager

Nicole has called Hudson, WI home for over 17 years. Upon graduating with a B.S. in Finance from Missouri State University, Nicole worked a little over 8 years at the Edward Jones Investments home office in St Louis, MO in the Operations Division both as a Customer Service Representative and then later as a Team Leader/Manager.

After relocating to WI in August 2006 for her husband’s nutritional sales career, she enjoyed spending a few of her children’s “early years” at home prior to jumping back into the workforce. Nicole and her husband, J.J. have three children, Ayden, Marin and Morgan.  Nicole is also an active member of the Hudson United Methodist Church, Hudson Lions Club and on the Board of the Central St Croix Chamber.  For "fun" you can find Nicole continuing to serve...this time wine at Swirl in Afton, MN.

Being part of a team who is passionate about financial education, client collaboration and always keeping the best interest of our current and future clients' top priority is a blessing!

Nicole is not registered with Woodbury Financial Services, Inc.

...seeing the other side!

Brandon volunteers for the Roberts-Warren Fire Department.


Heath Reese

See what we can do for you

Financial Guidance You can Trust


As an independent financial advising firm, we can provide a number of strategies to our clients to help achieve whatever goals or objectives they are looking to accomplish.  Providing our clients with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful is what we do best.  There’s a lot of technical jargon in this industry, and we want to make sure the strategies we create are easy-to-understand so you can apply our insights throughout your day-to-day life.

We are firm believers that anything is possible, and whatever challenges that come up along the way simply exist to guide us in the right direction.  When it comes to financial planning, you can only be so proactive.  However, by putting strategic measures in place, we can help move you toward your financial independence.  Explore the different scenarios you might find yourself in — and the strategies we can assist with getting in place.



You need some hands-on guidance on which investment strategies are right for you. Investment Management
Accomplish your short- and long-term objectives with an investment portfolio tailored according to your unique risk profile.

You’re in the beginning, middle, or end of your career, just started a family, have assets all over the place that need some organization or want to know if you can retire or if you are doing the right things to retire some day. Financial/Retirement Planning
Social Security, pension, stocks, retirement plans, Roth IRAs and more. We understand you have a lot going on and we can help pull it all together into one spot. We’ll identify all potential sources of income so you can look forward to a more financially independent retirement.


You’ve recently started a job or your own business and want to make sure you’re doing all you can to reduce tax liability while also saving for retirement.  Tax Strategies
With our guidance we can help you choose the right investment vehicles to minimize tax liability, save for retirement as efficiently as possible and maybe provide a benefit for employee(s) to remain dedicated to your business.


You're just starting a family, wanting to leave a legacy or starting a business partnership, you may want to review your current policies and see if others better suit your needs.  Life Insurance
Our access to some of the top providers in the country enables us to hand-pick the insurance options that offer the most value at a price that’s right for you.

You have a child or grandchild that you would like to help with future education expenses. Education Funding
 Whether the student goes to a college, tech school, trade school, etc., we have multiple options to ease the burden of education expenses down the road.  Depending on the investment vehicle, there can be some state tax deductibility for contributions, tax free growth, and/or tax free distributions.


Our knowledge and insight into the stock market enables us to craft an investment portfolio uniquely tailored to you. Through ongoing collaboration and monitoring, our team is able to discover new avenues for you to invest your wealth and accomplish your goals. In addition to managing your investments, we’ll educate you on the rationale behind each investment decision so you’re well-versed in the logic of our approach.  

When you work with us, we will:

Identify Your Short- and Long-Term Objectives
As these objectives change, we’ll strategically adjust our approach according to the current state of the market. 

Determine Your Optimal Risk Tolerance
Through a series of questions, we’ll pinpoint the exact amount of risk needed for you to achieve your goals and remain confident in our services. 

Follow a Timeline That’s Right For You
After outlining your objectives, we’ll design a strategy that aligns with your optimal timeline for achieving your goals.  

Whether you’re five years away from retirement or 20 years away from retirement, we’ll help guide you through the steps necessary to help reach your optimal retirement lifestyle. After evaluating your current financial situation, we’ll identify the income sources and opportunities that are most advantageous for you as you prepare for your life past employment. 

Our retirement planning services involve:

Your investment strategy and ensuring you’re investing your wealth in the stocks that best align with your objectives.

Your spending habits so you continuously make decisions that benefit your broader financial picture. 

Potential income streams and ways you can continue to contribute to your nest egg while still preserving the basic necessities.

You don’t have a choice about paying taxes, but you can avoid making the mistake of overpaying them. While it’s hard to imagine anyone intentionally paying too much in taxes, the IRS estimates that more than one billion dollars is overpaid in taxes each year. That’s no surprise when tax laws change every year—even in years when no major tax legislation is enacted.

How much of that money is yours? Wouldn’t you rather see those funds in your bank account or put aside for your retirement or other financial goals?

Do you want to find out how you can reduce your tax burden?

You might be able to save on taxes by:

  • Restructuring your investment portfolio to produce a higher after-tax return
  • Determining if contributions should be pre-tax or Roth 
  • Maximizing qualified plan and IRA contributions
  • Qualified plan rollover or transfer guidance
  • Income distribution strategies
  • Inherited IRA distribution strategies

Would you worry less if you had more money to save toward your goals? Discover how much more money you could be keeping for yourself and your future.

Whether you are a new home buyer, recently started a family, want to leave a legacy, have a business partnership, want to retain key employees, etc., there are a number of reasons to have life insurance in place.  Many larger employers have life insurance available for their employees, but that insurance is left behind once employment is terminated.  Life can be full of unexpected surprises both good and bad, don't let an unfortunate event leave you, your family or your business in financial ruins!  

Review coverage needs, Examine existing policies and Make recommendations to fully cover what is important to you. 

We work with many different insurance carriers to get the policy to best fit your needs:

  • Term Insurance
  • Permanent Insurance
  • Long Term Care Insurance
  • Long Term and Short Term Disability Insurance

With the increased cost of education, it's very challenging for students to cover all the expenses that go along with it.  Let WhiteCap Financial Advisors assist you in providing some strategies for your loved ones. There are a number of tax-advantaged strategies that can help a student save for education expenses.  

What's the best strategy to accomplish your goal?

Account types:

  • 529 Education Savings Plan
  • Coverdell Education Savings Account
  • UTMA/UGMA - Uniform Transfer/Gift to Minors Account



Getting Started is Easy

No two scenarios are exactly the same, so in order for us to understand your full financial picture we will need some information from you.

To help prepare for this meeting, you should have a basic idea of your current financial picture and financial goals.  How are things now?  Do you have any concerns?  What do you hope to accomplish in the next few years and longer term?  What kind of accounts do you have now?  Don't feel bad if you don't have all the answers to these questions, we can help!

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